Mayor Frey’s Power Grab

If you’re reading this, you probably know that Minneapolis had a question on our city election ballots last year (“Question 2”) that would have restructured the police department and made it more accountable. But we actually had three questions on our ballot, and all three were, arguably, equally important. Despite the best efforts of progressive … More Mayor Frey’s Power Grab

What’s the plan, Mayor Frey?

A few weeks ago, hyper-local reporter John Edwards (WedgeLIVE) released interviews with four of the current candidates for Hennepin County Attorney. During his interview with candidate Ryan Winkler, Edwards asks why he came out against Minneapolis ballot Question 2 last year, which was the proposed charter amendment to restructure our public safety functions and give … More What’s the plan, Mayor Frey?

Inauguration Day

Monday, January 10th, was inauguration day for the recently elected Minneapolis Mayor, City Council, and BET members. It also ended up being a pretty significant (and disappointing) day for Ward 13 residents working for progressive change. The morning ceremony included some guest speakers, oaths, and a lengthy speech by Mayor Frey repeating many of his … More Inauguration Day